Compliance Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts aren’t new but they are on the rise, and for a reason, they are an engaging, informative and easy form of content to digest. You just need a mobile device to access them and here you go, great content in your hand.  

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10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Compliance

We know the compliance function can be demanding and your list of responsibilities and duties is laborious. You must face different challenges every day to keep your employees and firm compliant and yourself knowledgeable with all changes requested by regulators. 

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Compliance Officers Foresee the Challenges of 2020

The year has begun, and as a compliance officer, you are probably wondering how to face the challenges of 2020. To help compliance officers the new Thomson Reuters report “10 Things Compliance Officers Need to Do in 2020” was released last week in a webinar, when Susannah Hammond, Senior Regulatory Expert for TR explained the challenges and changes for organizations of all sizes.

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Compliance Challenges: How are you dealing with your millennials employees?

What is generation?

The generation theory was first introduced by the socialist Karl Manheim in 1923. The theory divides generation into groups according to their wishes, experiences, expectancies, values, lifestyles and demographic characteristics, which influence their lives and the way that they consume and behave.

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Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 – See you there!

The annual Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) starts next week and will gather the biggest financial institutions of the world, not to mention regulators, investors, and academia. The event will include hundreds of speakers from around the globe, discussing themes such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, and cybersecurity. This year, the main conference will also focus on climate change and sustainability.

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