Compliance Challenges: How are you dealing with your millennials employees?

What is generation?

The generation theory was first introduced by the socialist Karl Manheim in 1923. The theory divides generation into groups according to their wishes, experiences, expectancies, values, lifestyles and demographic characteristics, which influence their lives and the way that they consume and behave.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Assist Compliance

Artificial Intelligence has been around for 70 years now, but in the past 10 years, it has become more and more feasible. Scientists, academics and business owners are very optimistic about the future of AI and how it could change the way we live. We have been seen these changes and technological advances every day around us and in many industries.

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5 Steps to Avoid Employee Misconduct

Employee conduct is a priority in many industries, especially in regulated businesses. Making sure you know what conduct risks are is key to running an effective compliance programme. We have listed 5 steps that you must consider in order to enhance the compliance of your business and avoid misconduct.

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Investment Bankers Charged for International Insider Trading

Two London investment bankers were charged on Monday in the US for an insider trading scheme. The prosecutors claim that the large-scale scheme generated around $10 million in illegal profit. The spokesman for the Manhattan U.S attorney could not confirm if the couple are under arrest.

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Manchester United Faces Emerging Compliance Risks

Professional football (or Soccer if you’re an American) club Manchester United plc has embarked on an impressive international expansion of its fan base the past several decades. The club currently claims 1.1 billion followers worldwide and is valued at $3.9 billion USD with a revenue of $770 million last year.  

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