Confident approach to compliance  

We created our integrated suite of Conduct Risk solutions to ensure that client’s procedures are reliably compliant. Knowing that their compliance processes are operationalized through automation, clients can turn their attentions to more challenging compliance concerns and confidently manage the pace of regulatory demand.

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Took the time to get it right

Our founders grew tired of repeatedly building point solutions with specified budgets and timeframes for a large financial firm. They knew there was a better way to build compliance technology. Applying a set of core development principles consistently and taking the time required to build it right, the MyComplianceOffice platform is future proof.

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Our Values


Adherence to Development Principles

From the beginning, we knew the importance of building it right, the first time. Core principles were created, communicated and embraced for the best outcome.


Relentless Pursuit of Success

We don't change the definition of success to fit our efforts. We set a course for true north and do what is needed to get there. 



Intellectual acuity and the ability to move quickly to get to the right solution is important to our success. Our agility helps us give clients what they need, when they need it.



Privately held, we are beholden to no one, but our clients. We value the ability to make choices that solve problems, not just those that profit anonymous shareholders.

Meet the MCO Leadership

Brian Fahey

Chief Executive Officer

John Kearney

Director of Product

George O'Shea

Director of Development

Rod Fomby

Chief Customer Officer

Lisa Deschamp

Global VP, Marketing

Tom Peilow

Finance Director

Keith Pyke

Director, Solution Sales

Kelly-Ann McHugh

Director, Asia-Pacific

Vijay Kumar

Technical Architect

Abdul Syed

Quality Assurance Manager

Our Locations

We can be reached from anywhere  at 1-866-951-2280 or at

North America

New York - 535 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017
Texas - 4500 Mercantile Plaza Drive, Suite 103, Fort Worth, Texas 76137


2C Avonbeg, Long Mile Road, Dublin, Ireland


410 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 188726



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